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I genuinely could write a novel about how much I LOVE Embyr oils! All of the Embyr products are ethically sourced, created with love, and smell delicious–what else could you ask for?! My absolute favorite is the Red Moon roller blend. I SWEAR this stuff works. If you experience bad PMS symptoms, cramps, or irregularity, you need this roller in your life. Everytime I start to feel my cycle begin, I immediately reach for my Red Moon Roller. I will be an Embyr customer for LIFE!

Elyssa S.

My first experience with essential oils was through Embyr Oils and I absolutely fell in love with all the benefits kept in those little magical bottles! I got to try some other brands but there is no comparison! You can literally smell the difference! Embyr oils is the only brand I trust to be organic and made in small batches, which makes all the difference in the quality!

Camila C.

After coming home from a long business trip and looking like a pirate, I immediately use Stache’d to soften my beard. I love using Stache’d as an after shave to reduce ingrowns. Smells GREAT!

Jordan U.

Embyr Oils came into my life when I really didn’t know what essential oils were. I’ve been having irregular cycles and was recommended the Red Moon Roll-On. I used it every single evening and especially around my cycle, it definitely helped lessen the cramps and made my cycles not as heavy as they use to be.

Jennifer N.

I have had no dermatological problems as long as I use Oily Skin Serum! I’m a fan of your products! I love the way my sensitive skin feels, never dry, just very soft and silky. I will definitely continue to use this wonderful soap! Thank you!

Sonya H.

I want to thank you so much for making such a fine product. I’m currently using Stache’d and it is fabulous. I love how the beard oil softens my beard and skin! It is great to know that your products are vegan-friendly with no harsh additives or chemicals.

John E.

I love using the Embyr Chillax roll-on at the end of a yoga class to calm and soothe me during Savasana or right before starting meditation. The scent is luscious yet not overpowering. I also have sensitive skin and am comforted knowing it’s organic formula is not going to make me breakout.

Dawn E.

When I met Diana, I could tell how passionate she was about living sustainably and finding effective holistic alternatives to body care. She shared a lot of her research and assured me that her products were safe and organic. I’ve used all of the Embyr products but among my favorites are Chillax and Yin Yang. Just a couple of drops of Chillax in my diffuser prepares me for a well-rested sleep. I notice the difference from when I’ve used Chillax and when I haven’t!

Sheila S.

I encountered Embyr oils at the Mermade Market down in Dana Point. What a wonderful company with an amazing variety of high-quality products! I ended up buying “Calm+Refresh” Spray. It did not disappoint. I felt very calm and refreshed after spraying the bottle throughout my home. I also have used it for cleaning mirrors and my yoga mat. While I don’t have a way with words, Embyr Oils has away with their products. I highly encourage you to give them a try.

Josh U.

Diana is one of the rarest and most down to earth person I have ever known. She is truly passionate about everything she believes in, and it shines through Embyr Oils. Every product she has created is special in its own way. I love using Chillax when I need to chill the eff out after a full 10-hour stressful day of work. Definitely felt relaxed and know that everything will be okay. Red Moon is also much needed for my not-so-fun time of the month, I’ve noticed differences and feel much better with this 3 days before. Sunshine lifts your mood like a bright Saturday morning filled with birds singing. Everyone needs to try Embyr Oils. It’s a refreshing way to elevate your life in an organic way.

Linda N.

I felt as if it was Divine timing meeting Diana at the San Clemente Market one Sunday afternoon early 2019. Not only was I intrigued by Embyr’s product line, but Diana and I also ended up having a lot in common and hit it off! She’s down-to-earth with a good-natured and caring heart, and it shows through the hard work she puts into the Embyr brand. Each Embyr product is thoughtfully created with her powerful healing intentions as well as her knowledge and research behind every ingredient and blend. Try to catch her during her pop-up events. Her booth is super cute and handmade by her talented and skilled hubby 😊

Tiffany Ly

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