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Finding a skin serum that works best with your skin type can be hard! As our skin changes with age and even with the seasons, it is important to include a skin serum in your skincare regime… but where do you start? Here! We’ve formulated 3 different serums with plant based essential oils to target specific skin concerns and skin types; dry, oily and normal/combination skin.

Here’s a quick breakdown on the 3 skin serums we crafted:

Skin Serum for Normal/Combo Skin Types

Our Normal/Combo Skin Serum is actually for two skin types, bundled into one. Packed with so many amazing oils that will keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Jojoba (huh how bah) oil and sunflower oil are the closest oils to our skin’s natural sebum! If you have normal skin type (not dry or oily) or combination skin type (oily t-zone with some dry areas), this is for you!

Skin Serum for Dry Skin Types

Our Dry Skin Serum is popular during the fall + winter seasons, but its also a favorite all year round! Apply our Dry Skin Serum on dry skin or dry areas and you will notice a difference and your skin will glow and feel moisturized. With a perfect combination of sweet almond oil + avocado oil, we found the perfect blend to moisturize dry skin without over saturating your skin with heavy oils.

Skin Serum for Oily Skin Types

Fear not, applying our skin serum will not make your skin look or feel oily. In fact, it does the exact opposite! Our Oily Skin Serum is formulated especially for those with oily skin and helps your skin retain natural oil levels and prevents your skin from drying out. We have carefully selected oils that will not only apply effortlessly to your skin without clogging pores but will also reduce signs of aging, blemishes, uneven skin tones and so much more!

Diana’s Tip

Our serums can be used on your face AND your body! We love applying them underneath makeup and sunblock. Get ready to feel radiantly beautiful in your own skin without all the harsh chemicals!

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