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In a recent survey from YouGov (the online polling firm), self-care came out as one of the top four New Year resolutions for 2018. It’s wonderful to know that people are realizing how important it is to love and to be kind to themselves. At Embyr Oils, we want to make sure to support this resolution, and that you actually work towards achieving it every day!

Embyr offers Certified Organic and 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with multiple options to help you achieve self-care.

Nourish Yourself: Take good care of your skin and give it what it needs to feel well and look great with the facial serum right for your skin (dry, normal|combo, or oily skin, we got you covered). Add a few drops onto palms, rub together to warm, apply it to face and gently massage evenly all over clean and dry face. Use daily once or twice a day. It can be used underneath your daily sunscreen and makeup as a natural moisturizer.

Get Quality Sleep: Roll Chillax on wrists, behind the ears, feet, and hands. Inhale and let the calming scents of lavender and chamomile put you right at ease.

Visit us at and see our complete lines with all the products we offer to help you on your self-care journey. Our Vital line will help bring vigor and balance to your life and health. Love your body, keep it well-nourished. Our Nourish line will keep your hair and skin nourished and enhance yourself naturally.

For 2018 and forever, we want to remind you to always be kind to yourself!

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